Ellison Estate, Vin de Table 2020 750ml

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Ellison Estate Vineyard
United States
St. Croix, Frontenac Noir, Prairie Star, Marquette
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Personality: Peated moss, smoked ash wood, tobacco leaves, roasted sage. Soft, lush, velvety red blend with notes of overripe dark cherry, dry forest floor and fresh sage. A versatile table wine to enjoy with everything from pizza to roast duck

Vineyard: All EEV wines are estate wines grown by the Knapiks on their vineyard in Grand Isle, VT. Low-vigor rocky silt loam soils on a bedrock of limestone with some patches of clay. Planted between 2005 and 2011, farmed organically with biodynamic principles (not certified). All work is done by hand by Rob, Kendra and their crew.

Making of: The grapes are hand-harvested and macerated for approximately 2.5 weeks on skins for all varieties, primary fermentation of all varieties in a covered macro bin, then aged in stainless steel and glass. The final 2020 blend was assembled in February 2022 and rested a little before being bottled in April. No filtering, fining etc, 25ppm SO2 added at bottling.

Winemaker's Note: “The first vintage of this wine was made in 2019, and it formed from blending trials between a spattering of small batch cuvees/experiments we had in the winery. We had a demijohn of carbonic Frontenac and a demijohn of a St. Croix/Frontenac co-ferment amongst others that we performed blending trials on and accidentally came up with this wine that we love. Because of the way this wine evolved, every vintage will be a bit different, but we tried to stay as close to the original percentages as possible. We did end up adding a smidge of high-quality Marquette into the 2020 vintage which was not in the 2019 one.”