Our club offerings exclusively feature world class wines + ciders from off-the-beaten-path regions and producers that you would never see in other nationally advertised clubs or shops. We strive for excellence, we strive to "wow" you or introduce you to something new--whether it be a grape, a region, or a producer.

Each offering in our wine(s), cider, and Cork clubs is paired with a write-up to further guide your experience. Just like the bottles in our shop, each is unique and chosen by us with you in mind!



The Cider Club  - 4 bottles, shipped bimonthly, of traditional hard cider from around the world. We often feature ciders from our home region, the Finger Lakes. Many of our selections are elusive and esoteric, but always tasty! We frequently include Perry, which is hard cider made with pears. Pricing amounts to $45 per month plus tax and shipping if applicable. Bottles will typically be 25oz (standard wine bottle size). Once in a while you mayl receive a 12, 16, 0r 22oz bottle. 

The Wine Club - ​4 bottles, shipped bimonthly, of a white, red, or both. $90 plus tax and shipping if applicable.  We try to keep the bottles in the $20-$25 range and they are often discounted. This club is made available on a monthly basis for local pickup and was made bimonthly to reduce shipping fees. 

Natural Wine Club- We love Natural Wines here! This club is dedicated to minimal intervention wines with a focus on organics, little to no sulfur, and no commercial yeasts. Local Pickup = $50/month for two bottles. Shipping = $100/month for four bottles shipped quarterly. Shipping and tax if applicable. 

Lenn Thompson's Press Fraction Club - 4 bottles, shipped bimonthly, the Press Fraction Cork Club is an up-and-coming-US-wine-regions club curated by wine critic Lenn Thompson of the Cork ReportThese are wines all made in the US, but from regions outside of California, Oregon, and Washington. Often, Lenn features wine from regions in New York, Michigan, Virginia, etc. Pricing is directly dependant on the price of the bottles. Each club includes note by Lenn Thompson describing the month's picks found on his website, The Cork Report!

The 'Cellar d'Or' Club- Open a couple bottles a week?  Always want to have wine on hand to bring to parties or open for guests?  Or maybe you just like having a wine rack full of options! This tier is for you! Personalize and tailor this club to what you want and we'll do the rest!  Tell us what you like, how many bottles you want, and your monthly budget, and we will choose the perfect wines & ciders for you each month. It can be anything (seriously, try us!). Then, we can tweak it based off of your feedback, changes in taste, or any other requests!  And to top it off any 6+ bottle subscribers get 10% off, and and 12+ bottle subscribers get 15% off their monthly club![need to commit to 6+ bottles/month, can ship bimonthly]

The 'Premier Cru' Level Wine Club -  8 bottles, shipped bimonthly, of hand selected wines.  Included in this will be the four Village Level tier wines as well as four higher end, rarer bottles that will be unique and often worthy of aging.  Pricing for this tier will be $210 plus tax and shipping if applicable.

The 'Grand Cru' Level Wine Club -  4 very special bottles, shipped bimonthly, exclusively focused on hard to find and often very allocated wines. You'll have priority access to some of the great wines of the world at this club level. This is an unbelievable way to not only experience wines from the most famous producers and regions, but also start your own collection. Pricing for this tier will be $240 bimonthly plus tax and shipping if applicable.


Clubs are shipped 6 times per year:
February + April + June + August 
October + December.

If you sign up in an off month, we can send you the previous shipment or something comparable before your club starts by request !

Our standard clubs start at $45/Month
($90 per shipment, shipped bimonthly).

If you sign up for more than one club, we can ship them together.

If you’re a local, you can also pick up your club offerings in our shop.


Please give us one month advance notification if you'd like to cancel.

Your credit card will be charged and receipt emailed to you when your club is ready for pick up or ready to ship, along with a shipment tracking number.