Ellison Estate, Asters & Clover 2021 750ml

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Ellison Estate Vineyard
United States
Prairie Star, La Crescent
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Personality: Bright and floral, well balanced between acidity, minerality and fruity flavors (candied lemon, honey crisp apple). Dry yet smooth, perfect with roasted thyme chicken, grilled lamb and veggies with tzatziki, curries, and white fish.

Vineyard: All EEV wines are estate wines grown by the Knapiks on their vineyard in Grand Isle, VT. Low-vigor rocky silt loam soils on a bedrock of limestone with some patches of clay. Planted between 2005 and 2011, farmed organically with biodynamic principles (not certified). All work is done by hand by Rob, Kendra and their crew.

Making of: The grapes are hand-harvested and pressed, primary fermentation of both varieties together in a covered macro bin, approximately 2 weeks on skins before pressing. Aged in stainless steel and glass, approximately 8 months, bottled in June after one racking. No filtering, no fining, 25ppm S02 added just before bottling.

Winemaker's Note: “The ancient Greek word for Aster means star. Throughout the growing season, asters of varying colors and sizes dapple and then blanket our vineyard floor as we near harvest. These ethereal flowers seem particularly drawn to our celestially-inspired varieties: Prairie Star and La Crescent. The steadfast clover is the supporting actor, also found in various hues and heights. It forms the base of a diverse and resilient native cover crop. The biodiversity of our vineyard flora enriches our soil and breathes life into our wine.”