Utopia Cider, Elenora 1916 Cider Cab Franc 2019 750ml

Utopia Cider

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Utopia Cider
Czech Republic
Raw Materials:
Cabernet Franc
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Dry, still apple-grape co-ferment feat. Milan Nestarec

Fruit: apples (Belle de Boskoop + some wildings from old orchards in Pacov & Benešov), grape pomace of of Milan Nestarec’s Cabernet Franc

Making of: the apples were pressed into must which then spent 7 days in open-top vats macerating on the fresh grape pomace provided by Ivo’s (and our .) friend Milan Nestarec. The juice was then pressed and slowly fermented and matured in old oak barrels for about 12 months in total. Bottled unsulfured, unfined, unfiltered, undisgorged.

Personality: light pinkish color, promising nose of apples and something else, but what? For those who had the pleasure to meet Milan Nestarec’s Forks & Knives Rosé, this unknown part is quickly revealed: the same spicy cherry and juicy pomegranate notes that make the rosé so irresistible are totally there, made more delicate and juicier by the noble apple juice that envelops them.