Nadir Cuneaz "Badebec" Vallée d'Aoste Rosso 2020 750ml

Nadir Cuneaz

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Nadir Cuneaz
Red Blend
Valle d'Aosta
Nebbiolo, Croatina, Vespolina, Uva Rara
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This wine takes its name from local lore, the “Badebec” being a monster of fearsome stature who roams the vineyards after the sun goes down—life in these Alpine extremes involves constantly confronting the ruthlessness of the elements, a reality that manifests itself in a multitude of mythical beasts! Composed of 90% Petit Rouge and 10% Fumin and Vien de Nus, “Badebec” comes from the family’s oldest holdings around the towns of Gressan and Jovencan, with vines up to 100 years of age. With beautiful lifted fruit and spice character, lovers of tension, scintillating acidity and livewire mineral intensity will find much to appreciate here, and a wine of this character could come from nowhere else but the dramatic altitudes of the Italian Alps.