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Koppitsch Perspektive Rot 2020 750ml


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Red Blend
Raw Materials:
Blaufrankisch, St. Laurent
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Alex & Maria on this wine: “Perspektive derives from the Latin „perspicere“, meaning: „to look through“. When it comes to natural wine, the closer you look, the more flavors and aromas you get. And, to us, natural wine puts wine as you knew it into a whole new perspective. We wanted to capture this contemplative nature of this wine on its label as well: the night suggests elegance, mystery, depth and even something romantic. It creates a certain emotion, which is essential to us when drinking the Perspektive Wines. it calms you down, you focus and relax, yet at the same time, you get excited and curious: the perfect mindset for indulging in these wines that we took a great deal to make!”

Varieties: 70% Blaufrankisch, 30% St. Laurent

Vineyard: Neuberg. One of the best and oldest vineyard sites in the Neusiedl area, with hundreds of years of viticultural history. Rocky limestone hill in the northwest of Neusiedl, part of the Leithaberg Mountains with some schist as well as heavier rich loam parts. The Blaufrankisch is planted 2002, St Laurent in 2003; total size of their plots is 0.65 hectare.

Making of: the grapes are hand-harvested and destemmed, with approx. 10% stems left in. Fermented naturally in stainless steel and fiberglass vats. After about 10 days, the mash is pressed and the wine pumped into barrels (225l Barriques) in the cellar. Everything matured on gross lees for 22 months without any additives. The barrels are blended together 1 day before bottling and bottled without fining, filtration or addition of sulfur.

Personality: what the label promises, the wine delivers! A wonderfully layered red with the piquant peppery depths and compelling tannic structure of a good Blaufrankisch, lifted by heaps of red fruit and sweet spices.