Wonderwerk Free Your Body 2021 750ml


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White Blend
United States
Raw Materials:
Grenache Blanc
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Winemakers’ note: “Orange wine! In 2021, we dialed up the acidity and captured more texture this year as Free Your Body took a float down the Sacramento River and unlocked a new level in the Wonderwerk portfolio: the Clarksburg AVA.

This corner of California exudes a vibe unlike any other part of the state, with rich alluvial soils, drawbridges, old country stores, and riverboat zoomers. The delta breeze provides a cooling effect to temper the warm summer days, creating the diurnal temperature shift that is critical to produce high-quality wine grapes.

Here we found a chalky Chenin blanc to lay the structural foundation, mellowing the loud fruit tones of Sauvignon blanc and harmonizing with the elegance of Pinot Gris. After a 21 day maceration (26 days for the Pinot), the grape skins were exhausted and the body was free to begin a new life as wine.”

Grapes: 35% Chenin blanc, 33% Sauvignon blanc, 32% Pinot gris

Vineyard: Heringer Estates Vineyard (Clarksburg AVA / Clarksburg, CA), rich alluvial soils on the banks of the Sacramento River. A seventh-generation family enterprise, farmed with organic practices and is Lodi Rules certified. No herbicides, instead opting for mechanical weed management and cover crop. Deficit irrigation is maintained with detailed evapotranspiration modeling. The farm is home to an owl sanctuary for rehabilitated owls.

Making of: Pinot Gris was picked at 19.4* Brix on August 12, 2021 and fermented whole cluster in picking bins with twice daily punchdowns. Sauvignon blanc and Chenin blanc were picked at 19.1* Brix on August 17, de-stemmed, and pumped to tank along with the mid-ferment Pinot Gris. Long twice daily pump-overs were employed for a 21-day maceration. The lot was pressed to tank, briefly settled, and racked to neutral oak barrels where the wine underwent malolactic fermentation and aged 7 months in barrel. This wine was produced without fining or filtration, with 30 ppm sulfur (KMBS) added at bottling.

Personality: light, bright, chalky-textured orange wine