Strekov, Creme #6 NV 750ml

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Strekov 1075
Welschriesling, Devín
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Personality: The rich taste of Welschriesling supported by persistent fizz and yeasty creamy notes of the second fermentation in the bottle. An easy-drinking wine with a complex fruity aftertaste.

Vineyard: Vád, certified organic and farmed by Zsolti himself. Head-trained, planted in 2011. Clay-loam topsoil with a high level of calcium on marine sediments.

Making of: The handpicked grapes ferment without added selected yeasts or other additives in 300l oak barrels, for about a year. The following harvest, the wine is fermented again with fresh must from the same vineyard, and bottled with lees by gravitation for the prise de mousse. Unfined, unfiltered, undisgorged and no SO2 added. (The current #6 is based on 2019 still wine Welschriesling, refermented by fresh 2020 must of Devín).

Winemaker's Note: A non-vintage sparkling wine whose bubbles come from secondary fermentation in bottles (hence the name, referring to both crémant and the creaminess of this wine’s bubbles), using a fresh must from the new vintage. It can be made with different white grapes, according to what’s best adapted to this style from the given vintage. Zsolti usually makes around 1000 bottles of this cuvée only and it drinks extremely well, so if you spot it somewhere, we recommend you to grab it ASAP .)