Saint Prefert 2019s

It's well known by now that Isabel Ferrando makes some of the most sought-after Chateauneufs in the Rhône.  While the St-Prefert estate is over 100 years old and has some seriously old vines, Isabel only purchased it in 2002 from the original family.  What she has done with this estate is remarkable, including converting to Biodynamic (certified) farming techniques, and purchasing a plot of 100-year-old vines from the famous Henri Bonneau (whose wines sell for upwards of $400/btl!) from which she makes her "Colombis" bottling we are selling below.  It seems as if every year the scores keep getting higher and higher, thanks to a string of great vintages. 

It's not just the scores that wow us, though. Despite a run of ever-warmer vintages, Isabel has managed to coax incredible freshness out of her vines. She has guided the wines from being powerful fruit bombs into some of the freshest, most terroir-expressive CDPs we sell. Despite the onslaught of warm vintages the Southern Rhône has faced in the past few years, the St Prefert wines have only gotten fresher and more complex (thanks in part to Isabel's turn to 100% whole cluster fermentation). In spitirt these remind of us some of our favorite Burgundy producers in how they perfectly marry timeless, hands-off winemaking soulfulness to contemporary know-how and attention to detail. Now and then you'll hear Grenache referred to as "the Pinot of the South," and the Saint Prefert wines make a strong case for why. No lover of Southern Rhône wines should pass these up!