Frederic Savart

Frederic Savart is a legend in the making. He works only four hectares and produces less than 2,500 cases per year and he just gets more popular every year. That's cause there's just no doubt he's making some of the best Pinot-based wines in all of Champagne, with unrivaled purity and mineral expression. He's already attained cult status amongst critics and sommeliers, and it's rare to see his wines anywhere but in the best restaurants of Paris and New York City.

But today, we're happy to offer a limited amount of two Savart cuvées, "L'Ouverture" and "L'Accomplie."

Champagne has seen a sea change over the past 20 years. While the big names like Veuve Cliquot and Moet et Chandon loom large, the best and most admired wines are now being made by small producers who farm their own land. In the past, these families – scattered across an incredible array of terroirs and microclimates – would have sold their fruit to the big companies, but now many have begun to make wine from their land. The result has been an explosion of different Champagne styles and young, energetic producers making terroir-specific wines. Famed in Champagne for his incredible palate and the breadth of his wine knowledge, Frederic Savart is one of the absolute best of this new generation.

The Savart estate was founded in the 1940s by Rene, Frederic's grandfather. Frederic took over winemaking in 2005 after giving up a professional soccer career. The estae is located in the town of Ecueil in the Montagne de Reims. This is prime Pinot Noir country, and Pinot makes up the backbone of the family's holdings. What's most incredible about Frederic's wines is how they marry Pinot Noir's fruit and floral tones to a deep, chiseled minerality and an incisive focus you might expect to find only in great Blanc des Blancs. 

We have two cuvées on offer today. "L'Ouverture" is 100% Pinot Noir from Eceuil with only a small amount of barrel fermentation. There's bright Pinot aromatics – think cherry pit, white flowers, and cedar – in an incisively poised, refreshing package. "L'Accomplie," the richer of the two bottlings, is 80% Pinot and 20% Chardonnay. 50% barrel fermentation adds a touch of weight and the Chardonnay brings an extra dose of minerality and stone fruits. 

These are some of the hottest wines in all of France right now, and we're lucky to get even the small amount we have. Don't miss these!