Foursquare Nobiliary

I didn't call it the Pappy Van Winkle of rum, but this guy did on Punch.  It's safe to say that Foursquare has made it now. When their 2005 won the International Spirits Challenge’s Supreme Champion award last year, the first time a rum has ever won that title, it was a watershed moment for the whole category. Every year, these rums rise in popularity, and we're lucky to get a few. If these bottles said "Bourbon" and not "Rum" on them, they would be impossible to get. They have few peers and are considered at the top of the list for spirits connoisseurs.

Today, we're pleased to offer Foursquare's new "Nobiliary" bottling, as well as their 2007 and a special collaboration bottling with Jamaica's legendary Hampden Estate. 

Foursquare is the brainchild of Richard Seale, whose family has been in the rum business since the 1920s. The Seale family were primarily  blenders, buying up rums from various Caribbean distilleries and releasing them as proprietary brands. In the mid-90s, though, Richard decided to purchase and restore an old sugar factory on Barbados. There, he started distilling on a combination of column and pot stills, bringing a master blender's palate and knowledge. All Foursquare rums are "pure", without additions of sugar, caramel, or any other additives that are widely used in commercial rum production.

Nobiliary is part of Foursquare's Exceptional Cask Series, wherein individual casks are selected for their unique character and bottled on their own. Nobiliary was aged for fourteen years in ex-Bourbon casks. If you've never had serious, long-aged rum, be prepared to have your mind blown.

If you're new to rum, this is not the type of rum you make a mixed drink with.  These fine rums are on the level of an exceptional bourbon or scotch.  These are meant for sipping, and offer many of the same characters of a fine whiskey--but the dimension that being distilled from sugar cane vs corn and barley adds, is something that I just love, almost more than Bourbon.  For years, rums like these were strictly the domain of geeky bartenders and the spirits cognoscenti. But given Foursquare's amazing success, rum is now safely considered mainstream. It won't be long before Foursquare is as hard to find as Pappy, so act fast.