Arnot Roberts

To say the wines of Arnot-Roberts are impressive, would be an understatement.  In the movement towards wines of place, capturing terroir, balance, and restraint in California, Duncan Arnot Meyers and Nathan Lee Roberts are without a double leading the pack.  From their chiseled, powerful, mineral-dripping Chardonnays, to their hauntingly beautiful, aromatic, restrained Syrahs.  They are even playing with small amounts of Gamay and Trousseau, which we stock, and they just released their Rose, made from Porteugues variety Touriga Nacional, which is one of our most allocated rosés each year.

Since 2001, when AR started, Duncan and Nathan have been trailblazing their way through the wine world.  It seems as if every grape they touch turns to gold.  They've taken relatively unknown vineyards, in remote places, and turned them into some of the most sought after fruit in California.  Take their Trout Gulch vineyard Chardonnay, hands-down one of the most terroir-driven, stunning examples of Chardonnay I have ever tasted--on par with the top producers of White Burgundy.  Or their Legan Vineyard Pinot, a tiny own-rooted vineyard 1600' above sea level tucked back in a remote part of the southern Santa Cru Mountains, surrounded by redwood forests.  I could keep going...but you get the point.

With A-R, we see freshness, intensity in both aroma and flavor, concentration without overripeness, a conservative use of wood, if at all.  We also see aging ability in the Pinots and Syrahs, but accessibility at the same time in those wines. It's all up to you when you want to drink them, delicious at any time, and no use hunting for that specific drinking window.

With what's been happening with restaurants around the country, we have been fortunate enough to be able to pick up the allocations of wines that normally are saved strictly for on-premise.  A lot of these wines on this offer would normally only be available to restaurants only, or be heavily allocated by the bottle to retailers.