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Rolling Fork 10 Years Aged Cask Strength Cask No.WP07-01 Single Cask Rum NV 750ml

Rolling Fork

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Rolling Fork
Aged Rum
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Rolling Fork’s Single Cask Jamaican 14 Year Rum is an aged rum produced by Rolling Fork Spirits in Starlight, Indiana. Pot distilled from molasses in December 2007 by an undisclosed distillery in Jamaica, this single cask was aged in an ex-bourbon barrel for a total of 14 years—3 years tropical aging in Jamaica and 11 years continental aging in Liverpool, UK, with an additional 6-month maturation at Rolling Fork’s Starlight, IN, rickhouse. Distilled from the WPL marque with ester levels between 60–119 gr/hL AA (grams per hectoliter of absolute alcohol), this is a beautifully nuanced expression from the island known for producing the funkiest rums on the planet. On the nose, aromas of butterscotch, warm banana bread, and cinnamon with a hint of limestone minerality transition to a fruity and vivacious palate of papaya, charred pineapple, and plantain. The finish sees a big hit of clove along with mint and tobacco. As if a 14-year-old Jamaican pot still rum wasn’t enough of a treat, Rolling Fork has bottled this exceptional sipper at cask strength without additives or coloring. The magic combination of pot distilled rum and time spent in once-filled bourbon casks demonstrates Rolling Fork’s ability to source and further mature fine rum from around the world while subtly emphasizing the influence of American whiskey. Non-chill filtered; bottled at a cask strength of 56.9% ABV (ABV may vary batch to batch).