Nowack Les Arpents Rouges Extra Brut 2019

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Varietal: Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay

Color: White Sparkling

Farming Practice: Biodynamic

Biodynamic. 60% Pinot Meunier. 40% Chardonnay. Parcel: Les Arpents Rouges in Vandieres located in the lower altitude slopes (Bas-Coteau) of Flavien’s vineyards in the Valle de la Marne. Vine Age: Planted in 1987. Soil: clay on sandstone. Altitude: 50-100 meters. This is Flavien’s answer to how one makes Champagne using the simplest methods (least manipulation, fewest additives) he could apply. Spontaneous primary fermentation in 2/3 tank and 1/3 barrel (228 liter) with ageing done in neutral barrels for the vin clair. The vin clair is not chaptalized, fined, filtered, or cold stabilized and naturally goes through malo on its own in the Spring. Ageing on the cork for secondary fermentation using MCR. No added SO2 at any point. Current vintage: 2016 Dosage: 2 g/l. Bottles produced: 1077