Nowack 'La Tuilerie' Extra Brut 2017

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Varietal: Chardonnay

Color: Sparkling

Farming Practice: Biodynamic

Biodynamic. 100% Chardonnay. Sourced entirely from a 1.20 ha plot called La Tuilerie located in the middle altitude slopes of Vandieres (Mi-Coteau). The vines average 25 years in age – the soils is white sand & limestone with marine subsoil (about 1.5-2 meters under the surface) and the land is directly facing south at 100-120 meters above sea level. Spontaneous fermentation in a combination of small oak barrels and stainless steel. Ageing in small oak barrels for the vin clair. The vin clair is not chaptalized, fined, filtered, or cold stabilized and naturally goes through malo on its own in the Spring. Vintage: 2016. Ageing on the cork for secondary fermentation using MCR for 42 months (bottled May 2016 and disgorged Dec 19). Dosage: 1 g/l. Bottles Produced: 2561