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Norden Spirits Norden Aquavit NV 1L

Norden Aquavit

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Norden Aquavit
United States
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NORDEN AQUAVIT is a traditional Scandinavian-style botanical spirit brought to life through innovation and exceptional craftsmanship. With an emphasis on producing locally from organic and wild-crafted (foraged) ingredients, the base spirit, made from 100% certified organic corn grown in the midwestern United States, is blended with pristinely filtered water and hand-prepared botanicals. Distilled in the increasingly vibrant craft-distilling scene of Michigan, our artful approach relies upon no additional extracts, additives, or flavorings of any kind. 10 DISTINCT BOTANICALS: A HARMONY OF FLAVORS Caraway - Cooling spearmint spice Clementine and Coriander – Bright Citrus Angelica, Orris, and Juniper – Floral / Evergreen Clary Sage, Sumac - Fresh Pear/ Tropical Fruit Dill and Anise – Sweet Herbal Subtleties Despite following EU Commission guidelines for what defines the category, Norden Aquavit challenges convention with its flavor profile, location of production, and methods of extraction and distillation. Rather than blending flavor compounds and concentrated distillates into a base spirit, whole botanicals are combined in a copper-pot during a single slow and exacting “one-shot” distillation. Following a period of rest that lasts several weeks, nothing but de-mineralized water is added to bring the finished spirit to bottling strength. The entire process, akin to distilled Gin, is carefully monitored by the senses of our distiller alone –never a computer program. The end-result is a softer, more intertwined depth of character and unique versatility. With Caraway leading the charge, there’s no mistaking the inherently savory nature of a traditional sipping aquavit. However, the bright citrus and light floral elements also evoke a modern gin-like quality that present more balance, complexity, and tremendous cocktail mixing flexibility. After numerous accolades including Double Gold plus Best in Category at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the highest rating (ever for an aquavit) of 5+ stars by Difford’s Guide, and “Superb/Highly Recommended” from the venerable F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal, it’s safe to say our American-made expression is beginning to turn some heads.