Milan Nestarec Transcendent 2020 750ml

Milan Nestarec

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Milan Nestarec
Other Rose
Czech Republic
Raw Materials:
Cabernet Franc, Regent, Zweigelt
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Winemaker’s note: “The name comes from a typical “distracted winemaker” story: for the “label” of this wine, I experimented with a can of bright pink spray whose label read “Fluorescent”. This somehow mutated in my mind overnight so I thought the spray was called “Transcendent”, and liked that a lot as a sign, because what goes more beyond our usual perceived reality than a rosé under flor?! The next day, I was a bit sad to discover that my conceptually perfect puzzle of wine and its name was a fallacy and that the spray is actually called Fluorescent.. but hey, that doesn’t make the wine any less transcendental, right?”

Varieties: Regent, Neuberger, Riesling

Vineyard: Slovenské, clay and chernozem topsoil on loess. 20+ years old, estate-owned and farmed (certified Organic) by Milan& his team

Vinification notes: Direct press Regent juice is added to an open vat with Neuberger and Riesling fermenting on the skins. Once pressed, the matures in barrels without topping up and a flor (veil of yeast) developed, giving the wine a nutty note. Zero sulfur added, unfined and unfiltered. Each bottle is spray-painted by hand.

Personality: shapeshifter! Although intense pink in appearance, it tastes rather like a deep white, with slightly oxidative notes and intense acidity. Stuff to geek out on and match food with!