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Milan Nestarec Nach 2021 1L

Milan Nestarec

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Milan Nestarec
Red Blend
Czech Republic
Raw Materials:
Pinot Noir, Blaufrankisch, St. Laurent
Biodynamic, Vegan
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Milan on this wine: “This wine embodies my unassuming Moravian roots: the light-bodied, fun juicy reds with good acidity that are truly at home here. I grew up with them, so it was sad to see that the (vain) pursuit of hefty Cabs, fake tannins and new oak became fashionable in Moravia as well. Nach is my tribute to the real Moravian reds, wines with lot of fruit and little alcohol so that you can drink heaps of them every day.

Hence also the 1-liter bottle: I remember hearing the word “másnica” used for a bottle of wine when I was a kid. Only as an adult did I learn that it derives from the German Mass, an old volumetric unit roughly equalling 1 liter, which used to be a standard size of bottle for a guy working in the field (mixing it with water to get more quantity). I do love the term “minimagnum” too, though, courtesy of my Montréal friends.” The name Nach means purple in old formal Czech, another tribute to things past. Linocut label by Milan’s wife Mirka.

Grapes: the 2021 blend is Blaufrankisch, Modrý Portugal (Blauer Portugieser) and Pinot Noir.

Soil: Loess, clay, sand – blend of different vineyards in Bílovice and Moravský Žižkov, aged from 5 to 40 years. Estate-owned, organic.

Making of: Grapes are hand-harvested and destemmed, gently crushed and macerated on skins for a couple of weeks. The wine is spontaneously fermented in stainless steel tanks without temperature control. It rests in the same vessels for about 8 months until the following spring. Bottled unfined, unfiltered, unsulfured.

Personality: just as the winemaker wanted it – this red is so juicy and easily palatable that even a liter might not seem enough! Perfect for all kinds of occasions with all kinds of drinkers, be they natural wine fans or haters.