Milan Nestarec, JUiCY FRUIT 2018 750ml

Milan Nestarec

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Milan Nestarec
White Wine
White Blend
Czech Republic
Raw Materials:
Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Gruner Veltliner, Welschriesling
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Milan on this wine: “Remember that chewing gum that tasted great for 3 seconds and then turned to bland plastic? Not the case here. Still, it inspired the name for this wine – as kids of the ex-East Bloc, we were mindblown when the Western treats, including these gums, made it to our country in the nineties. The experience totally resurfaced when I tasted this juicy, zesty wine for the first time, and that’s how the name was born.”

“Mostly based on Pinots as our vineyards sport a lot of them, but always complanted with local varieties, because that’s how fate and necessity wanted it back then. It’s really fun to watch in the vineyard: the dainty, neat French bunches ooze elegance already at this stage, right next to the Moravian hulk Gruner that’s four times as big. I love to make worlds collide, so we simply harvest & process everything together, et voilá, the bilateral treaty of the year is born.”

Vineyard: Oplocenka (clay and chernozem, planted in 2003) and Achtele (well-drained loess and sand)

Varieties: 2018 is field blend of Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Gruner Veltliner, Welschriesling

Making of: the grapes are hand-harvested and destemmed. Most of them are direct-pressed, a small portion (less than 10%) gets a couple of days of skin contact. Spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeast in bigger old barrels from local oak or acacia wood, where it then lays undisturbed for ~2 years on its fine lees. No fining or filtration, no sulfur addition.

Personality: this surely does speak about its burgundy grapes, although with a different foreign accent that’s easy to fall for. Elegance, balance, savory spicy undertones: definitely one to cellar and watch if you’re patient. (If not, like us, just open it a couple of hours ahead and enjoy it with some nice white fish or noble poultry.)