Monte Rio Cellars "Pinkette" 2020 750ml

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This is a piquette, the first we've ever offered via email, because it's just that good. What is piquette? It's a lower-alcohol sparkling wine made from the skins of grapes, and added water and sugar. It's something of a trend these days, and many are unpleasantly sour or funky. Not so here. This is made from the must of Gamay, Trousseau Noir, and Trousseau Gris grapes and clocks in at 7% alcohol. Crunchy raspberries, strawberry leaf, and pomegranates on the nose.  The palate leans darker, more into brambly fruit and spices, with a great throughline of acid and bubbly lift. This is without a doubt the best piquette we've ever had, and if you're a fan of traiditional Belgian lambics and geuzes, this would be right up your alley. The perfect drink for the dog days.