Mars Shinshu Whisky "Komagatake - Malt Duo, Chichibu/Mars" 700ml

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Blended Japanese Malt Whisky • A blend of minimum-5-year-old Ichiro's Malt, distilled in Chichibu and aged at Mars Shinshu Distillery, and Mars Komagatake that has also been aged for a minimum of 5 years; this blend is just over 50% Mars distillate • Maturation took place in ex-bourbon, sherry, and American white oak casks • On the nose, a touch of citrus, green plum, and brown sugar lay the groundwork for a complementary palate of cocoa, vanilla, and a hint of tobacco. The finish lingers with a surprisingly soft mouth feel for the proof. • 54% ABV • A US Release of 1170 bottles • An unapparelled collaboration between two of Japan's most iconic whisky distilleries, Hombo Shuzo & Venture Whisky. With the pursuit of new possibilities in mind, pot distilled new make was exchanged by each distillery in April 2015. Unlike in Scotland where trading distillate is common practice, this was a first in the 100-year history of Japanese whisky production.