Hiyu Wine Farm, Tzum Sean Nos “Spring Ephemeral” 2021 750ml

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Hiyu Wine Farm
United States
Negramoll, Malvasia Fina, Mission, Palomino, Babosa Negro
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Personality: “This combination of varieties creates an intoxicating set of flavors. The wine is bubblegum pink and hauntingly floral. The first impression is of mouth-filling, strawberries and holy basil. Somewhere during this experience the fruit exits, and the wine is volcanic on the endless finish; all basalt, sand and wind. Culture: On the sunny deck of a canted sailboat in the Atlantic: grilling sardines and wild allium shoots.”

Vineyard: On a sandy plateau protected from the wind by columnar basalt mounds. (the ex-Lunasa vineyard)

Making of: The grapes are hand-picked and naturally co-fermented. The 2021 vintage spent 11 days on the skins before being pressed to barrel and bottled in spring 2022.

Winemaker's Note: “Sean Nos means “in the old way” and the name can be used to refer to various ancient or traditional activities. The cuttings for this field blend come from a 100+-year-old interplanted vineyard in Tenerife. We grafted them over the Syrah in Lunasa in 2020. The wine can be created as a white, pink or red wine each year.”