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Hans Reisetbauer Blue Gin NV 750ml

Hans Reisetbauer

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Hans Reisetbauer
International Style Gin
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We use 27 botanicals to create a unique gin flavour: fresh, elegant juniper aroma with fragrant lemony and spicy facets. The typical Reisetbauer Stylistic: at the same time brilliantly clear and refreshing as well as elegant an lively. Juniper is the most important botanical in BLUE GIN. The juniper berries must meet the highest quality standards: we use only fresh juniper berries from the latest harvest with the typically Mediterranean spiciness. For BLUE GIN we also use the following spices: lemon rind, angelica root, cilantro seeds, turmeric, liquorice and many more. The high-quality botanicals originate from more than fourteen countries: Egypt, China, Spain, Indonesia, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Romania, Turkey, the USA, Vietnam and more. Using whole and wherever possible fresh spices guarantees the best quality and the best flavour for our premium product – BLUE GIN.