Guillaume Gilles Cornas "Les Rieux" Nouvelle R 2019 750ml

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The heart and soul of Gilles’ domaine is the parcel of the great Chaillot vineyard that he received from Robert Michel. His Chaillot is deep, soaring and powerful. In short, classic Cornas. The Nouvelle R is a totally different expression. The “R” stands for Les Rieux, a vineyard that Gilles planted in 2010 that sits at 450 meters high, above the amphitheater of Cornas. It’s a vineyard of white granite soils that had never been planted before because historically people worried about the grape achieving proper ripeness. Now, for many growers, ripeness doesn’t seem like a godsend, but something to battle against. Working a vineyard like Les Rieux starts making a lot of sense. Gilles says that Robert Michel remarked that the wine reminded him of Cornas from the 70s and 80s. Here you find a bright and nimble expression of Cornas. There’s a purity to the layers of berry fruit and spice that really amazes. Drinking a second glass of this is really, really easy.