Grape Ink, Nebbioso Field Blend 2021 750ml

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Grape Ink
United States
Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir
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Personality: Light, bright & delicious! Very light hue of red with generous amounts of texture and natural acidity, light but persistent tannins and low ABV (11.6% only). Subtle aromas of black currant, raspberry and leather. Intentionally wild and unusual, this is one of the most fun of Jarad’s experimental wines.

Vineyard: Merten Vineyard, Willamette Valley AVA, 1000ft elevation. The site neighbors Jarad’s own property and has been farmed with his help. Practicing organics.

Making of: Hand harvested. The blend of grapes are cofermented outdoors, directly in the vineyard, for 30 days. Using an infusion technique, similar to steeping tea, the whole clusters soak together in Chardonnay juice, as if making an orange wine. Unfined and unfiltered, SO2 only 15ppm at bottling.

Winemaker's Note: “Utilizing old vines, Nebbioso was created in response to the original vineyards planted in the Willamette Valley. This project is an elixir of creativity created to find the space between white, red, red and rosé through co-fermented field blends,” “Nebbioso remains a journey to capture the painting which it is inspired by – foggy in nature as there are multiple images, figures and themes. It is challenging to understand but draws my attention and is easy to enjoy, just like this wine! Bright and vibrant in appearance but wild and textured in its blend of tastes and aromas.”