Grape Ink, Days Until Harvest 2020 750ml

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Grape Ink
United States
Pinot Noir
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Personality: “A pure wine in which I can taste the soil where it was grown. I can taste the wind, the volcanic land and smell the gardens that are next to the vineyards. Bayleaf, dark tea, redcurrant and volcanic stone,”

Vineyard: 15 to 30-year-old vines on volcanic basalt and wind-blown mineral soil. Tualatin Hills AVA, Willamette Valley. Soft-pruned double guyot

Making of: The grapes are all hand-harvested and processed with zero sulfur. The grapes are then placed in open-top neutral barrels and tubs that allow for slow fermentation. After 10-30 days (depending on the vintage) of contact with the skins, stems and seeds, the wine is put to rest in neutral barrels. The wine ages for 18 months in a cave in Oregon’s coastal mountain range. Bottled unfined and unfiltered, tiny amount of SO2 at bottling.

Winemaker's Note: “Days until Harvest was created to bring forth an unadulterated expression of Pinot Noir from the most Northern Vineyards of the Willamette Valley. Our interest resides in the purity and transparency of the specific sites, and their unique texture, acidity, and rustic personality. This is a grower’s pinot noir that celebrates the time we spend throughout the season getting to know these vineyards, their soils, flowers, and fruits. The soils and high elevation are the protagonists here; the wine shows natural reduction and tension from its volcanic parent material. In each site, a small section of the vineyard is chosen to create an honest profile of what we farm throughout the year in our neighborhood.”