Glassmaker, North Coast Red Blend 2021 750ml

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Glassmaker Wine Co.
United States
Sémillon, Roussanne, Zinfandel, Carignan
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Personality: “Ocean spray and a rich texture from the white grapes, with high toned berry flavors and fine tannins from the reds. Some cofermentation, some elevage blending; the result brings light-lunch joy. The brightest moments!”

Vineyard: Roussane is from Lake County; Carignan is from old vine Deanda vineyard, Mendocino. Sémillon & Zinfandel come from a from a small knoll above the winery in Forestville.

Making of: The Semillon and Zin were picked and fermented together as whole clusters. The Roussanne was fermented on skins, pressed while still sweet and went dry in barrel, while the Carignan was a classic open-top whole cluster ferment. Blending was done to achieve the brightest moments from each grape! 6 months in barrel for all lots, with 20 ppm of sulfur before blending, and 5 ppm after blending. Bottled unfined and unfiltered.

Winemaker's Note: “I was very happy to make a North Coast Red Blend as this style is close to my heart and bears more talking about. I’m very interested in expressing a macro picture of larger parts of California, and the North Coast AVA allows me to play with an imagined idea of fresh California wine. While the 3 sites blended have totally different unique terroirs, together I hope they say something about the potential of the region as a whole to provide happy approachable yet mysterious wines!”