Fruktstereo, Daft Frukt 2020 750ml

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50% apples, 40% pears, 8% Solaris grapes and 2% quince
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Personality: Wild but definitely will make you say (sing) One More Time! The pears bring a lacto feel and saltiness that should appeal to all the goes / sour beer lovers out there. Serve chilled as the bubbles and lees need a little bit of taming.

Orchard: Multiple kinds and varieties of fruit from gardens, abandoned orchards and surplus fruit from local growers in Skåne.

Making of: A blend a little bit from almost every cuvée Fruktstereo makes during a vintage – a“house blend“ fermented all together, aged with heavy lees and bottled last of all each year. A few of the tanks develop a type of “flor” cover during fermentation and aging. Indigenous yeast only, unfiltered and without additives.

Winemaker's Note: Daft Frukt in bottle – because it’s the funkiest cider available in kegs (draft). “electric, funky and fun multifruit juice for everyday exercises. Lot ́s of mature tropical yellow fruit with razer sharp acidity, saltiness and great grip in the finish. This also makes it great for lot ́s of different food pairings with creaminess and acidic textures.”