Floréz Picpoul Oyster Pal Dunnigan Hills 2020

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Grapes: 100% Picpoul

Vineyard: Windmill vineyard, Dunnigan Hills, Yolo County. Pink Gravel Alluvium, CCOF Organic. In James’s own words: “Rolling hills of olives, fruit trees, and grapes assure you that this terroir is well suited to grapes. Cared for by the calm and focused Sergio Villanueva, this CCOF organic vineyard was first consulted for by progressive viticulturalist Steve Mathiasson.” (see also White Rhino above for more details on the site)

Making of: The grapes were destemmed and to rested for one night to allow the flavors and grapes qualities to leach out of the ruptured skins. The juice was then fermented in stainless, before being sent to neutral oak to allow for a little roundness to develop sur lie. Unfined, and unfiltered with no adjustments save for 15ppm SO2 added at bottling.

Personality: Aromatics of apple, green melon, and beeswax. An extraordinarily light and pretty wine, the low ABV (10.2%) allows you to indulge. James says: “I suggest opening tastings or meals with this wine as it prepares the palate and also gives this delicate flower a chance to shine before bigger and richer wines are served. I am excited to see this wine next to fresh oysters, crudo, and other light seafood dishes.” A true oyster pal…