Floral Terranes Ronkonkoma Moraines Cider 2019

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Mostly Northern Spy and Roxbury Russet from Restoration Farm blended with unknown varieties from various backyard trees. It was pressed October 15th, 2019 with 15 gallons of Crabapple cider from 2015 added in for good measure (a solitary remainder of the spiritual project known as the cider “Trees are Filters”), racked into barrel and bottled unfined and unfiltered, as you would expect.

Aside from being my favorite named wine/cider of this collection, with apologies to the Steve Miller Band and “Abracadabra,” this cider seems to me stylistically in the center of the cider oeuvre. It has some of the punch and knife-edge cut of the “Uplands Moraine” and some of the elegance and style of the “Suburban Moraine.” It’s tart and spicy, phenolic and vivid and grippy; it has its own preternatural sense of balance, the acids and sugars dancing beautifully.