Estate Pinot Noir Rose Trocken, Kruger-Rumpf 2020 750ml

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As part of the new wave of German winemakers creating thrilling dry Rieslings, Kruger-Rumpf is a perpetual favorite here at the shop. We've sold just about every different bottling of Riesling he produces, and his collection of 2019, which so many of you bought, were some of our favorites of the vintage.  With his top vineyard holdings throughout the Nahe, K-R is really becoming one of the top estates in Germany.

This is about the time of year, where rosé becomes one of the most important categories for us (and yeah, Riesling is also a go-to summer crusher for us too).  We taste many of them and build our rather large selection to be full of all styles from all countries.  No other rose we have tasted this year has impressed more than Kruger-Rumpf's.  In fact, it seems that each year, we gravitate more and more towards German and Austrian Rose--they seem to be right in our wheelhouse when it comes to color and style.  What is the style?


K-R rose is made from 100% Pinot Noir and it is absolutely incredible.  Pinot has become a major grape in the rosé category.  Its delicate red fruit aromas and flavors, and its ability to maintain acidity, make it the perfect candidate for producer classic, dry rose wines. Kruger-Rumpf has mastered this rosé. Perfectly ripe fruit and vibrant crackling acidity.  Notes of strawberry and watermelon, savory and dry but fruity on the midpalate, with the mouthwatering, electric, mineral finish that just leaves you wanting another sip.