Envinate Migan "Parcela Chingao" Tinto 2021

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While Migan is an amalgam of several parcels, the Chingao is a single section of a parcel called "Tio Luis," which is a 100 year old plot that the Envinate folks consider to be quite special. Compared to some other sites, the Tio Luis parcel has a bit more clay in the soil, perhaps yielding a slightly more concentrated expression. Grapes are typically fermented with a high percentage of whole cluster, but in 2021 it was 100% whole cluster for 15 days, with aging in concrete. The wine was bottled directly from tank without filtration, fining or any SO2 additions. The Envinate team has said on one occasion that they find the DO La Ortava to be the most volcanic, and this certainly comes as no surprise with the Migan Chingao! Though I've consistently read the "Tenerife funk" aromas of this wine as reduction, it seems that it is a mistake. Similar to reduction in aspects of how the aromas hit the nose, the character of this wine seems to be more truthfully linked to place - more a site specific, Ortava character. Likely it is some intermingling of specific terroir and slight reduction. I will say, my experiences with the wine have suggested that it might not be reduction that we encounter here, as the "funk" does not dissipate with time open as reduction normally does. Of all the offerings today, this is probably the most deserving of aging, due to its youthful intensity. A singular wine! ////

From Jose Pastor website: "2021 was a great vintage in La Orotava, with almost 500L of rain between fall and winter. The spring was mild, without much humidity, and the grapes were very healthy. Roberto writes that it wasdefinitely the best year of the last five for the higher altitude plots like La Habanera"