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Ellison Estate Regeneration 2 Pet Nat Rose NV 750ml

Ellison Estate

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Ellison Estate
Sparkling Rose
United States
Raw Materials:
Louise Swenson, Marquette
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Winemakers’ note: “The first vintage of this wine was in 2019. This was the first year we tried to make pét-nats. We planned to make single varietal pét-nats of the 6 varieties grown on our vineyard, but a few of our fermentations ran dry, so we found the sugar where we could. This is why we added 15% Marquette. However, we loved the combination, so have continued to make it since. The Marquette adds beautiful fruit and texture to the Louise and rounds out the palate.” Only 53 cases made in 2021.

Grapes: 85% Louise Swenson, 15% Marquette

Vineyard: All EEV wines are estate wines grown by the Knapiks on their vineyard in Grand Isle, VT. Low-vigor rocky silt loam soils on a bedrock of limestone with some patches of clay. Planted between 2005 and 2011, farmed organically with biodynamic principles (not certified). All work is done by hand by Rob, Kendra and their crew.

Making of: Harvested by hand. Primary fermentation of all varieties in covered macrobin. The Louise Swenson macerated for approximately 1.5 weeks on skins until almost 2 Brix, the Marquette was then added to its bin before pressing and the must was then bottled while still fermenting, in early October 2021. No filtering, fining etc. Disgorged between 5/17/22 and 6/6/22, zero sulfites added.

Personality: Bright, vibrant pét-nat with soft texture, angular bubbles and lush aromatics. Strawberry, brown sugar, candied cherry, dried pineapple, sour cherries, fresh creeping thyme, dried rose petals… Drink with peppered pork chop, grilled octopus, and fresh basil.