Domaine Simon Bize Shirokuro Blanc de Noirs 2018 750ml

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For the past few years, Chisa has made a very limited amount of more experimental-leaning wines with zero sulfur. Last year we got an orange wine of Pinot Beurot. This year it's a direct press of Pinot Noir, from forty-year old vines in Savigny-les-Beaune "Bourgeots." It's a lovely wine. It's very pretty in the glass, with just the barest touch of pink at the rim and a nose that almost suggests a white from the Rhone, full of blooming white flowers and white peach. But in the mouth it is distinctly Burgundy, with cool white fruit and beautiful texture - clean, fresh and the barest suggestion of lacy tannin that one would expect from Pinot Noir made in the usual fashion. Overall, what comes through here is filigree and finesse. Delicious stuff.