Cinque Campi, Lambrusco Rosso 2021 750ml

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Cinque Campi
Lambrusco Grasparossa, Malbo Gentile, Marzemino
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Personality: Charming. Comforting. Friendly and irresistible. This wine, if it were a person, would be that friend who’s fun, unpretentious yet super interesting to talk to, always happy to hear you out and laugh it off all while offering you interesting food for thought, so you’re enjoying every minute together, be it a week-night PJ party or a dressed-up dinner. No really, see for yourself. Lush fruit and heaps of pleasure but also interesting depths and well-incorporated tannins and a hint of funk.

Vineyard: Clay loam, rich in silica. The average age of vines is 30+ years

Making of: Grapes are hand-harvested into small crates and destemmed. Maceration on skins in open vats of oak and chestnut, with daily mixing for 10 days. The primary fermentation then takes place in a stainless steel tank for 6 months. After that, the wine is transferred to bottles with addition of unfermented juice from the same vintage and left to re-ferment for 8 months minimum. No fining, no filtering, no sulfur added at any point (total sulfites <10ppm). Disgorged, zero dosage added.

Winemaker's Note: This is Cinque Campi’s flagship – an honestly crafted old-school Lambrusco from a traditional local clone complemented by indigenous grapes. Label art by Vanni’s little son.