Black Tot "Last Consignment" British Royal Navy Rum (750ml)

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  • Bottled from antique rum flagons containing the last stocks of Royal Navy Rum which laid untouched for over 4 decades
  • Molasses-based rum distilled in pot and column and sourced from multiple distilleries in a combination of woods and barrel types; due to the age and complexity of the blend, the specific breakdown of components has been lost to history
  • Continuously blended in wooden vats from the early 1800s through 1970
  • Treacle and walnuts on the nose; burst of cassis, black coffee, and cacao on the palate finishing with cigar tobacco
  • 54.3% ABV

About the Brand:

In 1970, British Parliament decided to end the age-old practice of rum rationing in the Royal Navy and the last official day of rationing, July 31, 1970, became known as “Black Tot Day”—the day the rum died. Anything left of the navy’s rum supply was stored and utilized only for special occasions.


In 2010, Sukhinder Singh purchased the last of the navy’s remaining flagons of rum to create a commemorative blend known as ‘Black Tot Last Consignment’, and years later he followed it up with ‘Black Tot Finest Caribbean Rum’, created to continue the legacy of this rum-blending tradition and introduce it to a wider audience, showcasing some of the best and most historic Caribbean rums still being produced today.