Bencze, Atlas Pétillant Rosé 2021 750ml

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István Bencze
Cabernet Sauvignon, Blauburger, Zervin, Chenin Blanc
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Personality: “The aim of this cuvée is to recall the feeling of drinking half-ready, still fermenting red wine during the end of the harvest season that is turbid, swirling, foaming, sparkling, juicy, energetic, easy-going. Like being swallowed by the ocean.” Recommended service: 16-18 degrees Celsius, stir up the sedimented lees a little before opening, according to your taste.

Vineyard: Cabernet Sauvignon (planted 1999) of Rókalukidűlő, Zervin (rootstock planted in 1999, regrafted in 2013), Blauburger (2015) of Templomdombi-dűlő, Chenin Blanc (2014) of Másfél. Clay, sand, sandstone with basalt. All estate-owned and biodynamically farmed by István himself (Demeter-certified)

Making of: The grapes were hand-harvested on different dates and spontaneously fermented in different vessels (stainless steel, amphora). Blended and bottled while still fermenting, with 16 grams of residual sugar, disgorged early the year after. Unfiltered, unclarified no sulfur added.

Winemaker's Note: “A sparkling rosé cuvée made of red and white grapes, with many different harvest dates and fermentation technics (direct press juice / whole bunch, stainless steel and amphora) combined together. It’s the second vintage, as the “prototype” was made in tiny quantity in 2020.”