2Naturkinder, Weinschwärmer 2020 750ml


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White Wine
Raw Materials:
Grauburgunder, Riesling
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Winemakers’ note: “On our beloved Eselsberg, the hill where the Heimat Silvaner and the Fledermaus grow on, there is a big plot (almost one hectare) with two-thirds Grauburgunder (Pinot Gris) and one-third Riesling growing on it. The blend is dedicated to the “Weinschwärmer” (Deilephila porcellus, Small elephant hawk-moth), a beautifully colored moth who lives in our area. Not only does that moth carry the word “wine” in its German name, but it’s also a delicacy for our local bats.”

“The first vintage of this blend, 2019 was a blockbuster for the Grauburgunder with a perfect balance of fruit and tannins with the Riesling pushing the acidity to the right limit.

In 2020, a disastrous frost event hit both vineyards with full force in May. There was nothing left. But a few weeks after the loss several secondary buds broke, shoots grew again and some actually had grapes on them. It was a very late pick but the grapes of both vineyards got ripe in the end (although not as super-ripe as the previous year), weeks after the first generation would have. And it was enough grapes to vinify them by themselves: The about 15hl/ha we got, in the end, was more than it looked like in spring.”

Grapes: 75% Grauburgunder (Pinot Gris), 25% Riesling

Vineyard: Eselsberg, Kitzingen. Shell limestone, Biodynamic farming.

Making of: Manual harvest. The grapes from the younger Riesling section of the vineyard got pressed directly to maintain a razor-sharp acidity while the Grauburgunder grapes were destemmed and fermented on the skins for about a week. The two batches were blended in the following summer into an old 2.400l barrel and bottled after some 9 months of aging. No fining, no filter, no sulfur added.

Personality: Lovely orange hue and spicy herbal profile courtesy of the Pinot Gris, refreshing acidity, solid structure and drinkability thanks to Riesling. Highly drinkable and entertaining.